September 25, 2022


Raju Anath, who had been serving Ponda selflessly as ‘traffic controller’, paperboy and courier boy for more than three decades now, passed away on earlier this day in Khanapur at around 1.30 am.

Decades ago the people of Ponda adopted a mute nameless orphan child and gave him a name – Raju Anath. Decades later, Raju the silent soldier is at the Ponda bus stand area where he also helps children from A. J. De Almedia school, cross the road and gives back to the town he called home.

Raju Anath has set an example before the public on how to serve the society selflessly, despite being physically handicapped. According to police records, Anath was in Goa for the last 30 years and is spending his days on streets and pavements. He was voluntarily helping in traffic discipline at Ponda and taking special care of school children and their safety.

He had no home, no blood relation in Goa. People of Ponda feed him, help him, dress him & provide him with shelter. Raju’s actual name is Noor Ahmed Sheikh and he is native of Belgaum.

As a traffic warden, he performed the duty early morning and spending the whole day at the bus stand rendering selfless service in regulating traffic at Ponda which is appreciated by the media and the people.

According to his aged mother, Raju escaped from his house when he was just 6 years old, fearing scoldings from his father and teacher, for scoring less marks in examination. From then he is in Goa

Though Anath is deaf and dumb, people could understand his gesture and communicate with him was seen near traffic signals where he used to help the traffic police to clear chaotic traffic during day time.

Anath has set an example before the public on how to serve the society selflessly, despite being handicapped. The then governor on recommendation of police dept granted him financial assistance on humanitarian grounds for his selfless service to the society.

In March 2017, His family members were in Goa to take him back, as he had grown weak.

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