According to Sushama Kamat, Under Secretary of Finance department, the state government on Tuesday amended Goa Computerised Network Lottery Rules, 2003.  New amendments are as follows:

final advt

  • The draws of the Computerized network lottery shall be conducted in the presence of a draw committee, constituted by the Government which shall consist of not less than three members. One of the member so appointed shall be Chairperson of the draw committee and two members shall constitute the quorum.”

  •  In absence of the Chairperson, any member of the draw committee present for the draw, shall act in his place as Chairperson and conduct the draw

  • The marketing agent shall submit the draw wise report of the sale proceeds of online lottery, within 24 hours of the respective draw, and remit the assured guaranteed revenue and other related revenue, to the Government as per the terms and conditions of the agreement executed by the Government with the marketing agent.

  • Every person possessing a genuine prize winning ticket shall claim his prize amount within forty-five days from the date of draw. If there is a failure to claim the prize amount in respect of any draw within such specified period, the prize amount shall lapse and stand forfeited to the Government. If the forty-fifth (45) day is a holiday the claim shall be accepted during office hours of the next working day

  • The payment against the prize winning ticket shall be made by the Director. The Director may authorize the marketing agent to make the arrangement for payment of lower denomination prizes of an amount upto rupees ten thousand directly to the claimant or as decided by the Government from time to time

  • Person possessing the genuine prize winning lottery ticket shall claim the prize winning amount by submitting the claim in Form-I hereto alongwith the original prize winning ticket, blank cheque, Affidavit and self attested copies of two passport size photographs, active PAN Card and such other documents as desired by the Director, within the time limit stipulated

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