September 25, 2022

According to Indian lunar calendar, the new moon day will commence at around 11:57 am on 31st July and would conclude on 1st August at 8.41 am. After conclusion of new moon day, Sharavan month would commence. “Sharavan” month will conclude on 30th August. Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated on 2nd Sept.

As a part of traditional practices, substantial hindu population in Goa practice spiritual rituals & offerings during sharavan month. Women from goan houses – worshiping Ganesh idols during Badhrapad Chaturthi celebrations will mark special sunday offerings during Sharavan month.

Nag Panchami (5th Aug) , Narali Poornima (14th Aug ), Raksha Bandhan (15th Aug ), Sankashti chathurti (19th Aug ) , Gopal Kala ( 24th Aug ) will be celebrated by people across Goa.

Demand for fish, chicken, eggs and liquor will considerably decrease on onset of the month.

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