Wed. Oct 21st, 2020


Goa Investment Promotion and Facilitation Board (Goa-IPB) has appointed a 6 member sub-committee headed by Goa industries minister, Vishwajeet Rane retrospectively from 08-08-2019. Secretary (Industries) , CEO – IPB, Harish Rajani, Atrey Sawant, Manoj Caculo, are other members of the committee.

According to Under Secretary (Industries) Kuldeep Ulhas Arolkar, The subcommittee will evaluate all new project proposals under the purview of Goa-IPB (such as new projects, expansion projects) and giving recommendations before the Board Meeting.


(ii) Evaluation of investments of value less than or equal to Rs. 5.00 crore which does not meet any of the criteria specified in sub-section 3.


(iii) Decision on any matters related to project proposals including but not limited to name change, address change, review of proposals, and revocation of proposals that may be ratified at the subsequent Board Meeting
(iv) Decision on routine matters that may be ratified at subsequent Board Meeting.


(v) Discussion on addressing infrastructure gaps in Goa for attracting investments as per Section 5 sub-section (j) of Goa Investment Promotion Act, 2014.


(vi) Evaluation of alternative available to the Board’s office for performing the task of Satellite Consultants.


(vii) The Committee may co-opt any other expert(s)/official(s) if necessary, for obtaining necessary input, assistance for its smooth functioning.

(viii) Any other term of reference/subject by the Goa-IPB from time to time.

(ix) The Committee shall meet once in a month or as and when necessary.

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