The Director of the Goa Foundation, Claude Alvares on Tuesday said that MOEF’s notification on mining does not apply to Goa in the present circumstances in which the State finds itself.

Alvares said that Goa does not fit this, since Goa mining activity has already ceased since 15.3.2019.

He said that due to the stupidity and inefficiency of the Goa government, not a single step has yet been taken to commence taking the auction route.

He maintained that the government was still attempting and hoping it can give the leases back to the same lease-holders.

Claude said that the Goa Foundation did not file any objections to the draft, as it did not apply to Goa mining leases. He said that the notification applies to all States other than Goa. It applies to those mining leases outside Goa which are working and can work till 31.3.2020 as per the 2015 amendment to the MMDR Act. In those cases, if there is a successful bidder for the lease prior to March 31, 2019, in order to ensure that mining does not halt on the lease, an attempt is now made to ensure speedier EC (that is, without public hearing, and without having new EIA/EMP prepared, provided the balance period of the mining activity is less than 30 years.

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