Goa Forward Party (GFP) president, Vijai Sardesai, in a letter addressed to Rajtilak Naik, president, Goa Union of Journalists, has expressed sincere regret over the recent incident wherein a journalist was treated in a disrespectful manner by the GFP president during a press conference in Panaji last week.

“I am a firm believer that freedom of speech and expression which also includes freedom of press is the backbone of democratic society. Freedom of press is the oxygen of society and without which a democracy cannot survive.

“I do not feel that my statements on that day were unwarranted and unethical as I was trying to ensure that the main issue being discussed was not diluted by questions being repeatedly asked by one person on topics other than Mhadei. I regret that the Goa Union of Journalists and Shri. Harish Volvoikar felt the way they did. But I assure you that there was no malice or hate directed towards any member present. I wish to express my sincere regrets if any member of the press felt that way,” Sardesai said in a letter to the GUJ president on Friday.

GUJ welcomes the statement by the GFP president, less than 24 hours after he was officially intimated by the journalists’ body.

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