September 18, 2021


Several Hindu Organizations under the banner of National Hindu Movement (NHM) on Saturday held a demonstration at Panaji demanding to invoke NRC in Goa to solve the increasing problems caused due to Bangladeshi infiltrators.

They also demands such as, registering a criminal offence against the organisers of ‘Sunburn Classic’ for the death of 3 youth and imposing a permanent ban on EDM festivals like Sunburn in the State, recovering damages for vandalising public property during agitations against CAA from the perpetrators of violence and vandalism, so also, filing a criminal offence and taking stringent action against them, were made. This demonstration is a part of the Nationwide NHM.

Addressing media persons in on the occasion its spokesperson Satyavijay Naik said that The problem of Bangladeshi infiltrators is assuming a grave form with every passing day. Today, there are more than 5 crore Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators residing in India.

He said that “This is causing a drain on the basic facilities and resources belonging to Indian citizens. What is more alarming is that most of these infiltrators have been found to be involved in terrorism and other anti-National activities from time to time. In Goa, Bangladeshi citizens are involved in collection of old newspapers and junk items, hair cutting business, vegetable selling, fish selling and other businesses. The involvement of Bangladeshi girls in prostitution in Goa has also come to light. The number of Bangladeshi infiltrators in Goa may seem insignificant at the moment, but if not acted upon immediately, the situation can go out of control in future. Demands such as, taking action against those supporting Bangladeshi infiltrators involved in various trades in Goa, to publicise the photographs and lists of infiltrators in relevant areas, to thoroughly check the background details of candidates before employing them, likewise to initiate stringent action against those providing refuge to infiltrators, etc. were made at this time. These infiltrators should be legally punished in such a manner that no one will dare to cross the boundaries of India illegally”. The National Register of Citizens (NRC) be implemented in Goa to send back Bangladeshi infiltrators not only from Goa but from India.

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