An Extraordinary General Body Meeting of the components of Communidade of Loutolim is convened at its meeting hall in Loutolim at 10.30 a.m. on 3rd Sunday after publication of this notice in the Official Gazette i.e. on 08-03-2020 in order its give its opinion/approval on the items listed in the following agenda:

1. Opinion of the General Body on negligence by postal authorities to comply with request by Comunidade to execute fresh lease agreement and enhancement of license fee.

2. Opinion of the General Body on submitting proposal to the TCP board for change of zone from orchard to settlement of certain properties belonging to the Comminidade which can be developed into residential plots.

3. To update the general body about progress of pending court cases, disposed cases and new cases filed against the Comunidade being dealt with by the Special Attorney.

4. To appoint a Special Attorney to deal with new cases as well as some cases in progress

5. For the opinion of the general body to auction fishing rights in water body in property bearing survey No. 492/1 at Loutolim belonging to the Comunidade.

6. To brief the general body on the subject of non release of zonn/dividends for last three years.

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