The Goa Union of Journalists understands the seriousness of Covid-19 that has been affecting human life globally. As precaution, GUJ hereby issues a health advisory to all its member and journalists based in Goa.

Journalists should try and avoid attending large gatherings and press conferences. Instead, journalists can request the concerned parties to send video message or an email. GUJ also requests media houses to allow their field journalists (especially reporters and photojournalists) to work from home and sanitise the work place on a regular basis.

Journalists who have symptoms of fever, running nose and cough should avoid attending offices & news gathering, and must work from home at least for two weeks. Journalists must observe the hygiene measures by way of washing hands at regular intervals, use of hand sanitisers and face masks (if necessary) and maintain six feet distance from coronavirus suspects during coverage.

As a precautionary measure, GUJ calls journalists to try and avoid attending any press conference convened by former state minister Francisco Pacheco who is suspected to have Covid-19. The former minister has been in a denial mode and has refused to get quarantined.

For further updates, journalists are requested to go through the official hygiene measures issued by the Central and state government.

1. Coronavirus advisory: Refrain from non-essential travel outside India, especially to China, Singapore, Republic of Korea, Iran, Italy and European Union countries.

2. Passengers travelling from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Iran, Singapore, Thailand, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam and Malaysia are advised to maintain self- isolation at home for 14 days.

3. Hotels to inform details of any traveller from these 12 countries to nearest health facility.

4. Observe good personal hygiene

5. Practice frequent hand-washing and cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing

6. Report illness to nearest health facility and inform doctor about your travel history.

7. Helpline no. 011-23978046 / 104. Also Chat bot19 coronavirus.

a) Observe good personal hygiene.

b) Practice frequent hand washing with soap.

c) Follow respiratory etiquettes – cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.

d) Avoid close contact with people who are unwell or showing symptoms of illness,such as cough, runny nose etc.

e) Avoid contact with live animals and consumption of raw/undercooked meats.
f) Avoid travel to farms, live animal markets or where animals are slaughtered.

g) Wear a mask if you have respiratory symptoms such as cough or runny nose.

If you feel sick on flight, while traveling back to India:

a) Inform the airlines crew about illness.

b) Seek mask and the self-reporting format from the airline crew.

c) Avoid close contact with family members or fellow travelers.

d) Follow the directions of airline crew while disembarking.

e) Immediately report facts to the Airport Health Office/Immigration Office and Helpline number (011-23978046) also.

f) Follow the direction of the airport health officer or as issued by the helpline.

If you feel sick within a span of 28 days after return from COVID-19 affected areas:

a) Immediately call the Helpline number (011-23978046) and follow the direction issued.

b) Maintain effective self-isolation at home and with others.

c) Observe good personal hygiene.

d) Practice frequent hand washing with soap.

e) Follow respiratory etiquettes – cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.

f) Report the illness to the nearest health facility and inform the treating doctor regarding your travel history.

Advisory for Home Quarantine Individuals.

a) Stay in a well-ventilated room preferably with attached toilet. In case of other family members staying along, he/she should maintain a distance of 1 meter.

b) Should stay away from elderly, pregnant women and children within household and restrict his/her movements within the house.

c) Should not attend any religious/social gathering like weddings, condolences, etc.

d) Should wash hands often, thoroughly with soap and water or with alcohol based sanitizer.

e) Avoid sharing household items such as dishes, glasses, cups, towels, bedding, or other items with other people at home.

f) If symptoms such as cough, fever, difficulty in breathing appear, immediately wear mask & inform nearest health centre or call Helpline 104.

g) In case of contact with family or friends when symptomatic, all close contacts to be home quarantined for 14days. h) Clean and disinfect toilet surfaces with regular household bleach solution/phenolic disinfectants.

h) Clean the clothes and other linen used by the person separately using detergent and dry.

(For any help, kindly contact GUJ Executive Committee/ Rajtilak Naik- 9423888311, Vasudev Pagi- 7020421126, Kailas Naik- 7020974270)

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