According to N. L. Vhatte, Director, Vedanta- Value Added Business, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs vide its respective orders dated 24th March 2020 and 25th March 2020 issued guidelines allowing Industrial Establishments which require continuous process, Mineral Production, Movement of Goods/Cargo for inland and exports amongst others to operate during lockdown after obtaining the required permission from the State Government. Respective Union Ministries have also issued various directives to the State govts to the same affect, reiterated in the State Empowered committee meeting and the order issued by Member Secretary State Disaster Management Authority. 

Subsequently, Ministry of Home Affairs clarified vide its order dated 29.03.2020 that transportation of all goods, without distinction of essential and non-essential has been allowed. 

Vedenta claims that there are some misrepresentations and rumours being spread hence, we would like to inform you that Vedanta’s Value Added Business, which is categorised as an industry requiring continuous process, resumed limited operations including unloading/ loading of coal/ pig iron at its Amona-Navelim location after obtaining necessary permissions from Office of District Magistrate – North Goa.

This is following the State Approval vide District Magistrate order dated 28th March’ 20, allowing Vedanta’s Value Added Business to restart limited operations subject to necessary precautions as mandated by various advisories being implemented for a safe working environment.

Amona Dy. Sarpanch Ms. Sanghvi Phadte visited the VAB Plant at Amona/ Navelim to ascertain whether the company was following all measures to ensure safety of its employees and surroundings, post the visit she was satisfied with all necessary arrangements that were made by the company, and the same was informed by her to the authorities.   

Vedanta’s Value Added Business is fully compliant with the required safety measures and shall continue to abide by all further advisories as mandated by various advisories of the Health authorities and law.  Vedanta remains fully committed to ensure the safety of its people, environment and the communities around.

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