A three judge bench of the SC headed by CJI Sharad Bobde on Thursday has issued notices to Goa government, Ministry of Environment & Forests & CC, and State Pollution Control Board over implementation of recommendations Dr Madhav Gadgil headed Western Ghats Ecology Experts Panel (WGEEP) report on the Western Ghats.

M Kaviya, who lives in Nilgiris, and 7 other minors have sought justice in terms of intergenerational equity from the supreme court. The petition states that if present developments are permitted unchecked without the controls recommended by the Gadgil Panel, there would be no future left either for them or their generation.

The Goa Foundation and Peaceful Society, Bandora, are among the 23 petitioners, together with Ankur Trust from Maharashtra and River Research Centre, Kerala.

The petition has sought reliefs, To implement the recommendations of the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP), which had been constituted by Respondent No. 1, for the protection and preservation of the Western Ghats area as identified in the WGEEP’s Report;

To quash directions dated 03.12.2018 issued under Section 5 of the Environment (Protection) Act 1986 as being arbitrary in as much as they only seek to protect 56,825 sq. km. thereby excluding from their ambit an area of 72,212 sq. km. from the total area of 1,29,037 sq. km. of the Western Ghats as identified by the WGEEP;

To direct Respondent No. 1 to take time bound action for issuing directions under Section 5 of the Environment (Protection) Act 1986, or any other provision of the law, for the preservation of the entire area of 1,29,037 sq. km. of the Western Ghats, in accordance with the recommendations of the WGEEP;

As interim reliefs, to pass an order staying the amendment of directions issued on 03.12.2018 by the Respondent No. 1; and to direct that only activities which have been allowed in the WGEEP Report in Eco Sensitive Zones (ESZ) 1 and 2 areas should be permitted.

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