• Municipal Administration and Panchayat
    • All the Construction Licences and Permissions issued by the Panchayat/Municipal Bodies which are expiring between 1/3/2020 and 30/6/2020 are deemed to be extended upto 31/10/2020 without payment of any additional fees
  • Town and Country Planning
    • All the Technical Clearances and Development Permissions which are expiring between 1/3/2020 and 30/6/2020 are deemed to be extended upto 31/10/2020 without payment of any additional fees
  • Transport (Issued by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways)
    • The validity of Fitness, Permit(all types), Learner’s License, Driving License, Registration and any other concerned document whose validity is expiring between 1/2/2020 and 30/9/2020 are deemed to be valid till 30/9/2020

  • Excise
    • The last date for renewal of Excise Licenses has been extended from 31/3/2020 to 30/6/2020 without any penalty

  • Industries
    • Annual installment towards land lease premium for the year Financial Year 2020-2021 payable to GIDC is deferred. The same can be paid in equated manner in the next three years
  • Factories and Boilers
    • To help the factories to deal with shortage of workers due to current restrictions, Government has granted exemption to all the factories thereby allowing 12 hours working, initially for the period up to 31/07/2020.
    • As a part of initiative towards Ease of Doing Business, Government has introduced Self Certification Schemes for factories and boilers in the State. As per this scheme the Factories shall be inspected only once in a period of five years (instead of annual) with prior intimation.
    • With a view support to existing factories in this current crisis, Government has extended the validity of factory licenses for further one year with deferment of payment of license fees without interest.
    • With a view to boost the manufacturing sector and to facilitate ease of doing business, Government is in the process of issuing an Ordinance to amend the Factories Act, 1948, as in force in the State of Goa wherein the existing threshold limit of number of workers for the purpose of applicability of the said Act will be enhanced from 10 to 20 for factories with the aid of power and from 20 to 40 for factories without the aid of power. Approval has already been obtained from Hon’ble President of India being Central Act. Around 160 factories are likely to benefit from this.

  • Labour
    • Ordinance has been passed to amend Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970 to relax the registration of establishments/contractors that employed 20 to 50 workmen as contract labour in the previous 12 months.
    • Introduced a “Self Certification Scheme” for the shops and commercial establishments in the State to allow self certification, instead of inspection by Labour Inspectors to create a business friendly environment. Under the above scheme the qualifying establishments will not be inspected for a period of 5 years.
    • The Government had introduced a Centralized Inspection Module (CIM) under the Ease of Doing Business. Now inspections would be random based on the data to reduce the discretion. Inspectors of multiple Departments would go together for Inspection.

• A portal was launched to allow notification of job vacancies by the Private Establishment, Government Departments, Autonomous Bodies, Educational Institutes to match the registered job seeker with the prospective employees. So far, the employment exchange has sponsored the names of qualified job seekers to 19 private companies through the portal.

  • Commercial Tax
    • Government has come up with a One Time Settlement Scheme covering all the Taxation Acts for the assessment period up to year ending 31/03/2016 in case of undisputed assessment and for the assessment period up to year ending 30/06/2017 in case of disputed assessment.
    • 100% of interest and/or penalty waived off in case of undisputed dues.
    • 50% of arrears of tax, interest and/or penalty waived off in case of disputed dues.
    • Scheme is valid up to 23/11/2020
  • Cooperatives
    • All Loanees of Credit Societies are granted 3 months moratorium on payment of EMI for the period April to June 2020
  • Goa State Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporation and Other Backward Classes Corporation
    • All Loanee members are granted 3 months moratorium on payment of EMI for the period April to June 2020
  • Electricity

• The late payment surcharge has been waived off for electricity bills issued with due date of payment between 24/3/2020 and 30/6/2020, if the payment is made by 15/7/2020
• Moratorium on payment of Fixed charges is provided to all industrial and commercial consumers for the bills raised during the period between 24/3/2020 and 30/6/2020, which they can avail if they so desire. These deferred charges shall be recovered in an equated manner over next three bills to be raised after 30/6/2020

PWD/WRD/GSIDC & other Implementing Agencies
• For all the ongoing works the period between 25/03/2020 and 30/6/2020 shall be treated as “Force Majeure” for purpose of reckoning the date of completion

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