Schools and higher secondary’s across the state gears up to reopen educational institution in physical mode from 21st November.    In the 1st phase of reopening of schools in Goa, grade 10 and grade 12 classes will resume from tomorrow following pandemic guidelines.   Classes for all other grades will continue in online mode until further instructions.  



 i. The students should be called in staggered manner.

 ii. In a class there should not be more than 12 students. In case size of classroom is small, classes may be held in rooms having larger area such as computer room, library, laboratory, etc. with physical distance of 6 feet between the students. However, if sufficient accommodation is available proportionate number of students may be allowed.

 iii. The School should prepare time table in such a manner that there will be no crowd in the school.

 iv. Odd — Even Formula for classes can also be considered.

 v. Running school into shift in case of high enrolment schools can also be considered by reducing time duration of school hours per shift, such that the school is able to manage with the same set of teachers in overall school hours.

 vi. At the entrance gate and exit gate and common place of the school, there should be facility of thermal scanner to check the body temperature of all students, teachers, school authorities, parents and visitors besides hand sanitization.

vii. During interval, students should not gather in crowd either in canteen, school-varanda or class.

viii. Students should be sensitize to maintain safe distance in the classroom with minimum distance of 6 feet.

ix. All should continue to use face mask, physical/social distancing and sanitizer.

x. Ensure and educate students not to exchange face mask to others.

xi. Every student need to learn how to cough or sneeze into a tissue or elbow and avoid touching face, eyes, mouth and nose.

xii. Sensitize all stakeholders in school about the ban on spitting.

xiii. Students should not exchange drinking water, note books, text books. Paper, pencil compass box, ruler, pen, science journal, homework book, assignment book, bags, umbrella and any other thing among themselves.

 xiv. Encourage students to bring and eat home cooked and nutritious food and avoid sharing food and utensils with others.

xv. Toilets should be kept clean. Everyone after use should flush water to keep toilet clean so that other users should get clean toilet facility.

xvi. In case of some students not following the instructions, parents may be taken into confidence to assist teachers.

xvii. Give responsibilities to teachers and willing students on rotation basis to monitor observing of physical/social distancing norms at different places and also students behavior like frequently  touching own face or hand shack.

xviii. Task team such as emergency rate support/response team, general support team for all stakeholders and commodities tampon team, hygiene inspection team etc.. With earmarked responsibilities will be helpful. Teachers/students and other stakeholders may be identified to be the members of the task force.

xix. The tender age of students may be kept in mind while giving these instructions and advise which may be explained gently in a way that they can understand.

xx. There will be no physical education activities such as sports and games. However yoga exercise should be conducted in a staggered manner using their own mats.

xxi. No school in the containment zone will remain open till further orders. In such school online classes will continue.

xxii. All the visitors coming to the school including staff should download “Arogya Sethu App”. As far as possible no outsiders should be allowed.

xxiii. There will be no morning assembly, functions,  gathering and celebrations. However, celebration of National days in a staggered manner will be allowed depending upon prevailing situation and the Head of the school/management to decide on the issue.

xxiv.  The limited gathering in open theatre with a ceiling 50 students for academic /sports / Entertainment / Cultural with mandatory wearing of face masks, physical/social distancing, with provision of thermal scanning. Hand wash or sanitizer could be conducted. However, in the beginning of the re-opening of the school better to avoid gatherings.

xxv. During school hours students /teachers/other staff should sanitize their hands at regular intervals.

xxvi. Schools to make their own SOP’s based on the guidelines issued for the following keeping in view the safety and physical/social distancing norms and ensuring that the notices / poster / messages / communications to parents in this regard arc prominently displayed /disseminated.

• Use of playground, library and laboratory.

• Break time

• Regular cleaning and disinfection of school infrastructure.

• Use of school transport.

• Private pick up and drop off facility.

• Monitor and plan for absenteeism of both staff and students.

• Information sharing system with planers.

• Dealing with emergency situation.

• Visit of service provider, parents. and other visitors to schools.

 xxvii. Ensure Emotional Wellbeing through MHRD initiative, a programme called “MANODARPAN” which cover wide range of creativity to provide psychosocial support to students, teachers and family.

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