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Today’s modern life runs on the most life-changing innovation – electricity. Survival without electricity is unimaginable given the universal role it plays in our daily lives. While many households in rural, undeveloped areas of Goa still struggle to get basic power supply for their daily activities, developed regions face a challenge to sustain their digital way of life in absence of a reliable power connection.

Lack of reliable power supply in Goa has caused many businesses and entrepreneurs to suffer. Especially post the pandemic, when everything has gone digital, an uninterrupted power supply is a sine-quo-non for majority of Goans who are dependent on this lifeline for work and education.

Frequent power cuts, however, are a regular feature across many regions in the state, resulting in an inconsistent internet connection required for basic communication, social networking, education and even remote working. Without electricity, technology gadgets like television, mobile phones, computers and even healthcare facilities are of basically no use and relevance.

DweezilDalgado, Founder of Lubenn Electricals and Electronics, Candolim says, “Since we deal with technical issues, we require electricity. Without power supply, we cannot make use of drill machines or other electronic equipment and gadgets. Especially at night, it is quite difficult to work with wires and hence we push our work to the next day. We have inverters to help our customers when there’s power outage. Reliable power supply will not only help us but all the people of Goa in their daily needs.”

Electricity issues have been put under the carpet for many years because of which local businesses are suffering as they require electricity on a day-to-day basis. Ria Pinto, Reservations Manager at John’s Guest House, Candolim, opines that 24×7 power supply is a basic need for businesses like them. “Power cuts and irregular power causes the electronic appliances like televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators etc to malfunction. On the other hand, while the power units keep rising, the guests are unhappy or get annoyed due to power cuts. They ask us to install diesel generators which is also not feasible as the guests are not willing to pay additional cost that we incur to run these DG sets”, Ria explained.

Local business owners are also burdened with the cost of procuring expensive stabilisers and inverters to insulate their businesses in case of power outages. Chef and Owner of Luretha and Pollys at Calangute, Alex Fernandes says, “We are weighed down by the high electricity bills of the restaurant while facing constant power cuts. This is bad for businesses like mine. Power cuts leave customers unhappy and most often we find ourselves in a helpless situation. With reliable power, we are hopeful that the businesses in Goa will not have to suffer losses due to irregular power supply, curtail the use of inverters and generators, and also reduce unnecessary costs.”

“We face a lot of problems due to no electricity as it is the foremost need to operate a restaurant business. Reliable power is not just required for ensuring a perfect ambience but is a basic need for all of us. We bear huge losses at times due to long power cuts. In the absence of a backup, edible food items like meat, chicken, fish or other beverages get spoiled,” said Agustin Tereza, Co-owner of House No2 restaurant, Camurlim.

Goans are looking for a solution to these growing electricity issues. A regular uninterrupted power supply is a basic right for every citizen of Goa and one that can be easily provided by making an adequate investment in the development of a reliable power transmission infrastructure. With large capacities being added through forms of generation, especially renewables, a stable power line will ensure clean and reliable power pivotal for the socio-economic development of the state.

Ease of owning and doing a business in Goa is only possible when there’s reliable power supply across the state. A successful economy depends on the manufacturing capacity of the business which in turn requires accessible, abundant, effective and reliable power supply. A high-quality power transmission network is surely the need of the hour and the most trusted and reliable way to bring an end to electricity woes in the state.


  1. What is the use of new power lines when old power lines r not maintained ? In Goa, maintenance of anything, anywhere is zero. Biggest example is Mathany Saldhana collectorate bldg in South Goa. Zero maintenance.

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