January 19, 2022


The Goa Pradesh Youth Congress came down heavily on State BJP government saying failure of inefficient Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant and Health Minister Vishwajit Rane to combat COVID-19 has pushed the State into ‘exporter’ of COVID cases and hence, there is need to contain the spread of COVID. 

Addressing media persons in Panjim, the state youth congress Varad Mardolkar on Monday said that in order to curb the transmission of Covid 19 virus in the state and stop the influx of other Covid 19 variants in Goa, the state government should immediately make RT-PCR test mandatory for those entering in Goa.

Referring to Maharashtra government’s SOP and guidelines, terming  Goa as a place of sensitive origin pertaining to Covid 19 pandemic, Mardolkar said that the arrogant BJP government has created this situation, where Goa has now become ‘Exporter’ of COVID. 

He said that amid the huge surge in the number of COVID-19 cases, Goa needs to modify its regulations on inter-state travellers. “Those entering Goa from outside the state should undergo RT-PCR test before or after arriving in the state.” He suggested. 

“Other states have implemented this test realizing the facts of rising COVID.” He said. 

Mardolkar demanded that the government should declare GMC’s Super specialty block as COVID hospital. “Government may have plans to privatize this block, but realizing today’s situation it should think in betterment of people.” He said. 

“The medical kits should be provided to those opted for Home isolation, besides this test reports should be given immediately.” He said.   

He lamented saying Disaster Management Plan is not seen implementing to help in this area. “Government has restricted gatherings in weddings, but has not restricted the crowd in casinos. The Chief Minister should come clear on this.” He said.   

He said that the government is responsible for the recent spike in COVID cases as there are no restrictions, SOPs and seriousness. “Presently Positivity rate has reached at 30 per cent. This means, if we fail to break the transmission chain, then around 5 lakhs Goans will be tested positive. Do we have medical facilities to tackle this situation.” He questioned.

Mardolkar said that the 419 bed capacity is not sufficient to tackle the COVID. “There are cases where patients were seen lying on the floor and getting treatment. CM and the health minister are blaming people for COVID, but if people go for testing, the process is delayed, which adds more complications.” He said.

Mardolkar, recalling about the first wave of virus in Goa, said that despite there being sufficient time then, the brainless BJP government with ‘over confidence’ had failed to create COVID care facilities and was seen boasting of ‘zero’ cases in Goa. However, this ‘boasting period’ ended up with a spike in COVID cases, very soon.     

“Now despite knowing that this is the second wave and cases are increasing every passing day, this corrupt government has failed to ensure the safety of the public.” Mardolkar said. 

“People have witnessed how the BJP MLAs have misused the program of ‘Tika Utsav’ converting it into a political program. “ Government failed to ensure social distancing in ‘Tika Utsav’, however gave opportunity to BJP MLAs and Ministers to derive political mileage from it.” Mardolkar said. 

 “The gathering of 400 to 500 people for this Tika Utsav is exposing people to this virus.” He said. 

Mardolkar urged the state government to take immediate measures, so the COVID cases don’t get increased in village areas. “At present these cases are only seen in towns, hence we need to take care that COVID doesn’t spread in villages.” He said.

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