According to orders issued by District Magistrate, North Goa, Ajit Roy “Whereas, it is expedient to impose a ban on digging and cutting of all types of roads, including National Highways, State Highways, Major District roads, road-shoulders, lanes, thoroughfares etc., during the monsoons as these activities pose imminent danger and disruption to the life of motorists, pedestrians and general public”.

Roy in his CRPC 144 orders further said that “ No person, agency, organization, Government Department, local body, Public Sector undertaking etc. shall undertake any digging or cutting of any of the public roads and its shoulders including on all the city & village roads without prior written permission from the undersigned: Provided that this prohibition shall not be applicable to any road digging done by any Government public utility service providing departments such as electricity, BSNL and PWD for urgent repairs of electric cables, telecommunication cables & pipelines also digging by local bodies for repairs of road and for diversion of water in emergency cases shall not attract restrictions contained in this Order”.

“It is further provided that such emergency digging shall be covered immediately within less than 6 hours of digging and properly paved/ /cemented within 24 hours.  Any person, agency or department etc., contravening this order will be liable for punishment under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code. This order shall come into effect from 01-06-2021 and shall remain in force for 60 days”, said District Magistrate  

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